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Z Urology are the Leading Urologists in Coral Springs

When looking up who the leading urologists are in Coral Springs, Florida, there really is only one answer. As a matter of fact, when looking up the leading urologist in all of South Florida there also is only one answer. If you need a hint, the answer is Z Urology! So...

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Is the Rezum® Procedure a Miracle Cure for BPH

Is the new Rezum Procedure a miracle cure for BPH? Well, it might very well be. And the patients that have had the procedure here at Z Urology would attest to that. To know what the Rezum procedure does, let's first go over some facts. The prostate is an organ in men...

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Cal Ripken Jr. Promotes Prostate Cancer Awareness

The Urology Care Foundation, the official 'foundation' of the American Urological Association, talked with baseball legend and Hall of Famer, Cal Ripken Jr. on their latest podcast episode to raise prostate cancer awareness and encourage men to talk about prostate...

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The Importance of Prostate Screenings

Z Urology knows that there are many fears and misconceptions when it comes to monitoring prostate health. The only way to detect prostate cancer, a common and often initial asymptomatic disease amongst men, is through regular screenings. Many urologists will agree...

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Z Urology Offers Rezum® Therapy to Battle BPH

To know what Rezum® therapy can do, you must first learn what it is meant to treat. The Rezum® Water Vapor Therapy, which is conducted here at Z Urology is done to treat BPH. BPH is excess growth of prostate tissue that compresses and obstructs the urethra, reducing...

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Dr. Christopher P. Hollowell Specializes in Female Urology

  At Z Urology, we possess a team of fellowship-trained doctors that are prepared to help any patient in regards to urological help. One of our members, Dr. Christopher P. Hollowell, MD, FACS, has a clinical focus directed towards female urology. Also, with a large...

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