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Why Vasectomies are So Effective

Why Vasectomies are So Effective

When it comes to pregnancy, there are many ways people do what they can to avoid this situation. For whatever personal reasons, some are not ready for childbirth. The term for trying to avoid pregnancy is commonly known as birth controlWhen most people think of birth control, they usually think of pills that women take in order to stop the pregnancy cycle.

But actually, there are many different types of birth control. You can use condoms which aren’t always effective and come with calculated risk. There are IUDs, birth control implants, birth control shots that are more effective than condoms but can come with other side effects that are not exactly desired.

And then you have an almost 100% measure that Z Urology offers that men can do to aid in the situation. That procedure is called a vasectomy. A vasectomy is a permanent form of birth control that involves removing or blocking the vas deferens from being able to transport sperm from the testicles to the penis. Out of all of the birth control options, a vasectomy is one of the most effective forms.


The Vasectomy Procedure

Your first step for a vasectomy is finding a trusted urologist, like Z Urology, to take care of one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Z Urology is home to fellowship-trained and very experienced South Florida urologists. A traditional vasectomy consists of making a couple of slits within the scrotum. Through these slits, the surgeon will enter the scrotum and remove the vas deferens. Once the vas deferens have been removed, there will no longer be any transfer of sperm from the testicles to the penis. Your scrotum will then be stitched up and sealed in order for the surgery to complete and the recovery period to begin.


Recovering After the Vasectomy

Like many surgeries, after having your vasectomy you may experience pain and discomfort within the area. As long as the pain doesn’t become worse, everything is going according to plan. The good news is, is that the recovery period isn’t quite as long as one would assume.

A period of about two to three days is recommended after the completion of the vasectomy before returning to normal. If the pain is still bothersome, an ice pack is recommended to be applied. You may have blood in your semen for a few weeks as it cycles out of the body, so do not be shocked. The body is draining itself of the remaining semen in order to completely nullify the chance of pregnancy. After eight to fifteen weeks, your sperm count should be close, if not already, zero. Your urologist will help guide you through the recovery phase as well.