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Dr. Christopher P. Hollowell Specializes in Female Urology

Dr. Christopher P. Hollowell Specializes in Female Urology


At Z Urology, we possess a team of fellowship-trained doctors that are prepared to help any patient in regards to urological help. One of our members, Dr. Christopher P. Hollowell, MD, FACS, has a clinical focus directed towards female urology. Also, with a large amount of experience in female genital cosmetic surgery, male and female voiding dysfunction, and minimally invasive surgeries. Z Urology entrusts Dr. Hollowell for complex pelvic floor reconstruction deploying the latest minimally invasive techniques and robotic technologies. If you are in need of a urologist in South Florida, then contact Z Urology for a team that is dedicated to delivering world class expertise in urology, along with an unwavering commitment to their patients.


The Urology Legacy


Dr. Christopher Hollowell isn’t the first in his family to succeed in the practice of urology. His father possesses a urology practice in Detroit. In fact, after Dr. Christopher Hollowell obtained his undergraduate and medical degrees, he joined his father’s practice.

“My father has taught me many things, most notably in the art of medicine, and that you can heal as many patients with respect and compassion as you can with a scalpel. Simply showing you care can make a profound difference in their lives.”

His brother also has had success in the field of urology. He is the chairman of urology at the Cook County Hospital in Chicago. Although the urology legacy is strong throughout the entire family, Dr. Christopher Hollowell has established himself well through the medical community.


Dr. Christopher P. Hollowell is Established in the Medical Community


Dr. Hollowell’s enthusiasm for teaching and proficiency of surgery has earned him top honors by his residents, colleagues, and patients. Dr. Hollowell is board certified, a diplomate in the American Board of Urology. Over the years, Dr. Hollowell has written numerous articles, books, and has appeared on radio and television. He has given several national, statewide, and local lectures. He has served on many hospital committees in an effort to improve health in the communities he serves. Now, he aids Z Urology in taking care of every patient that comes to our doorstep.

If you need the help of a certified board urologist such as Dr. Christopher P. Hollowell, MD, FACS, then contact Z Urology today!