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Struggling with ED? Try Amniotic Biologic Treatment

Struggling with ED? Try Amniotic Biologic Treatment

As the founder of Z Urology, Dr. Zahalsky has lent his medical expertise to men and women seeking treatment for a wide variety of urological treatments. 

Dr. Zahalsky’s involvement with a study on the viability of amniotic biologics as a potential treatment option for men afflicted with ED produced some promising results. Here’s what you should know about the study and why an amniotic biologic injection could be the best way to cure your erectile dysfunction. 

How Amniotic Biologics Can Help Men with ED

In a study conducted by Dr. Zahalsky, participants were injected with placental-derived stem cells in an effort to cure their erectile dysfunction. The results revealed that the injection was effective in that it successfully reversed the effects of erectile dysfunction within a year or less. 

While improvements were seen in as little as 3 months, the most significant results occurred a year after the injection. The injection helps reverse the effects of ED by increasing blood flow to the penis while also improving the growth of blood vessels. 

Although 3 months to a year might sound like a long time to wait to see results, it’s a superior alternative to never restoring any function at all. When you have ED, it’s important to seek treatment as early as possible. The sooner you make an appointment with a respected clinic like Z Urology and seek treatment, the sooner you can start seeing results.

ED Doesn’t Have to Be Permanent, Make an Appointment Today!

If you live in the South Florida area and you have ED, it’s time to make an appointment with Z Urology. As Dr. Zahalsky and his team of medical professionals have demonstrated time and time again, ED can be corrected. 

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