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One of the leading procedures that men come to Z Urology for is the vasectomy. You may know it as getting “snipped”, but there is actually much more to it. And one of the most common issues regarding vasectomies is when can one have sex again after the procedure. First, though, let’s discuss what a vasectomy is.

A vasectomy is a procedure for men to undergo a permanent form of contraception. The procedure itself involves removing or blocking the vas deferens, which are the tubes that transport sperm from the testicles to the penis. In order for pregnancy to occur, a male’s sperm must reach the ovaries of a female through injection or intercourse. If you are looking for a permanent and effective way to eliminate the concern of childbirth, then a vasectomy may be your solution.

A vasectomy should not affect sexual functioning. But it is important to let the body heal for a couple of weeks before having sex. In addition to the healing, it can take three months before the sperm count drops to zero.


How Long Does it Take to Heal?

The first stage in recovery is to allow the surgical site to heal. The vasectomy typically involves two cuts in the scrotum. Doctors may then use stitches to seal the area up. For those vasectomies performed without a scalpel, doctors will operate through a small hole in the scrotum. This procedure may reduce recovery times and the risk of complications.

With both procedures, it is essential to allow the wound to heal before having sex again. This should take less than two weeks, but it could be longer. There also might be pain and swelling in the area that interferes with sex after the wounds heal. Having sex before the healing process is complete can cause further injuries and delay recovery.

It is possible to masturbate without putting pressure on the wounds. But ejaculating causes muscles in the area to contract, which can be painful and cause swelling. It might be best to avoid this as well.


How Long Until the Male is Sterile?

It can take up to three months for a man to become completely sterile after the vasectomy. An individual is sterile when the sperm count falls to zero. It is still possible to ejaculate as before, but the semen will not contain sperm that can cause pregnancy.

During this initial three month period after the procedure, the sperm count may still be high enough to cause pregnancy. Even after the wound heals, it is necessary to use protection during sex. This will prevent any remaining sperm from causing pregnancy.

Z Urology will perform check-ups weeks after the vasectomy. They will assess whether the wound has recovered and organize a sperm count. It is best to wait until this checkup before having unprotected sex again.


Tips for Recovery

Tips to aid recovery from a vasectomy include:

  • Use an ice pack: Apply an ice pack to the wound for 20 minutes. This can reduce swelling and pain.
  • Lay down: It is advisable to lie down as much as possible after the procedure. This reduces strain on the wound.
  • Avoid heavy lifting: Lifting can strain muscles around the scrotum and cause further harm.
  • Wear supportive underwear: Wearing briefs that cup the testicles can reduce pressure on the wound.
  • Clean regularly: It is essential to gently clean the wound every day. This routine will help to prevent infections.
  • Avoid masturbation: During recovery, avoid masturbation to prevent damage to muscles or tissue in the area.


If you are contemplating a vasectomy or you are certain and want to schedule one, then contact Z Urology for a group that is dedicated to delivering world-class expertise in urology, along with an unwavering commitment to their patients. The three locations to choose from are located in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, and Pompano Beach.

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