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We all have certain habits, some good, some bad. That said, some habits are worse than others. How bad is a bad habit? By the time certain habits start to affect your urologic health, it’s pretty bad. Here’s an overview of some of the worst habits for your urologic health. 

Habits That Can Affect Your Urologic Health

You’d be surprised to see just how much of an impact your habits have on your urologic health both in the present and in the future. For example, heavy drinking on a regular basis can lead to prostate cancer. 

Even if you kicked the habit by middle-age, older men who drank excessively in their youth have an increased chance of contracting prostate cancer. Hard liquor is the worst type of alcohol for your urologic health. Red wine is much better, but should still be consumed in moderation. 

One thing that you should drink plenty of, is water. A lack of proper hydration can increase your chances of getting kidney stones. Of course, a poor diet can also increase your risk for both kidney stones and prostate cancer along with a slew of other urological issues. 

How Sitting for Long Periods of Time Can Affect your Urologic Health

You should know that something as simple and seemingly harmless as sitting can also affect your urologic health. Naturally, some of the problems it can cause are more serious than others. 

While there’s nothing wrong with sitting down to take a break or unwind for a bit, people with highly sedentary lifestyles are more likely to develop a variety of urologic issues including cancer of the kidney or bladder. Sitting frequently and for long periods of time can damage your urinary tract, causing additional problems down the road. 

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