How Smoking Affects Erectile Dysfunction

How Smoking Affects Erectile Dysfunction

There are plenty of habits that are bad for us. Some habits are harder to kick than others. Smoking is one of the absolute worst habits for your health. As luck would have it, smoking is also one of the most difficult habits to quit. Not only is smoking bad for your health in general, but it’s particularly bad for your urologic health, especially when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Here’s what you should know. 

Smoking Exaspertes Erectile Dysfunction

If you have been struggling with erectile dysfunction, you should know smoking cigarettes can exasperate the condition. Smoking cigarettes affects your circulation which can have a huge impact on erectile dysfunction. 

Smoking cigarettes can cause a lot of damage to your body including your blood vessels. When blood vessels are damaged from the inside, they stop functioning properly. Furthermore, there are more smokers with ED than men with Ed who have never smoked.  

Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor which makes it even more difficult for smokers to have an erection. Vasoconstrictors constrict blood vessels which inhibits blood flow. The combination makes it incredibly difficult to sustain enough blood flow to maintain an erection.

It’s worth noting that when it comes to smoking and ED, age doesn’t matter. A young man who smokes cigarettes is just as likely to develop problems stemming from erectile dysfunction as an older man who also smokes.  

If You’re Struggling with ED After Smoking Cigarettes, You Need to Call Z Urology

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of things. One thing that’s for certain is that smoking can make virtually any case of ED even worse. If you’re a smoker and you have ED, you need to get in touch with the team at Z Urology. Will you have to quit smoking? Probably, but in the meantime, there are plenty of treatment options to explore. 

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Worst Habits for Urologic Health

Worst Habits for Urologic Health

We all have certain habits, some good, some bad. That said, some habits are worse than others. How bad is a bad habit? By the time certain habits start to affect your urologic health, it’s pretty bad. Here’s an overview of some of the worst habits for your urologic health. 

Habits That Can Affect Your Urologic Health

You’d be surprised to see just how much of an impact your habits have on your urologic health both in the present and in the future. For example, heavy drinking on a regular basis can lead to prostate cancer. 

Even if you kicked the habit by middle-age, older men who drank excessively in their youth have an increased chance of contracting prostate cancer. Hard liquor is the worst type of alcohol for your urologic health. Red wine is much better, but should still be consumed in moderation. 

One thing that you should drink plenty of, is water. A lack of proper hydration can increase your chances of getting kidney stones. Of course, a poor diet can also increase your risk for both kidney stones and prostate cancer along with a slew of other urological issues. 

How Sitting for Long Periods of Time Can Affect your Urologic Health

You should know that something as simple and seemingly harmless as sitting can also affect your urologic health. Naturally, some of the problems it can cause are more serious than others. 

While there’s nothing wrong with sitting down to take a break or unwind for a bit, people with highly sedentary lifestyles are more likely to develop a variety of urologic issues including cancer of the kidney or bladder. Sitting frequently and for long periods of time can damage your urinary tract, causing additional problems down the road. 

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If you exhibit a lot of the habits mentioned here, you might want to get yourself checked out to prevent any potential urologic concerns. Z Urology features a highly experienced and trusted team of urologic professionals that can help. 

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How Your Diet Affects Urological Health

How Your Diet Affects Urological Health

When it comes to urology, most people don’t realize just how much of an impact their diet has. As it turns out, the things that you eat and consume can affect your urological health. If you have been experiencing recent urological issues, those issues could be a result of your current dietary habits. Here’s what you should know about how your diet affects urological health. 

Food That Affects Urological Health

Foods like pasta, meat, and even cereal are all rich in uric acid which means you can develop kidney stones when eating these foods in excess. Even plums and prunes, which are often praised for their gastroenterological benefits have plenty of uric acid. 

Your diet can also affect your sperm count as well. For example, a typical Western diet of red meat, pizza, and processed grains can lead to a significantly lower sperm count when compared to healthier diets.

The best diet for a healthy sperm count is one that consists of light meats like fish and chicken while incorporating plenty of fruit and vegetables. Skinless chicken and certain fruits like cranberries, grapes, and pineapples are all excellent foods that preserve and promote urological health.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all fruits are good for your urological health. Surprisingly, bananas and oranges aren’t good for you from a urological perspective because the acid can aggravate certain urological conditions like urinary tract infections.    

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Now that you know more about how your diet can affect your urological health, you might want to consult with a urologist on what kind of changes you should be making to your diet. 

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Just Moved to Fort Lauderdale? Make Z Urology Your Urology Clinic of Choice!

Just Moved to Fort Lauderdale? Make Z Urology Your Urology Clinic of Choice!

If you’ve just moved to Fort Lauderdale, congratulations! Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a fun, fabulous, and exciting place to live. This city is jam-packed with activities, eateries, and things to see. 

One of the first things most people do after settling into a new home in a new town is to find new doctors in the area so they have someone to go to whenever there’s a problem. If you have a history of urological problems, you’ll want to connect with the team at Z Urology, here’s why. 

We’re Trusted and Experienced

As one of the most experienced urology clinics in South Florida, you’ll be in good hands here at Z Urology. Dr. Michael P. Zahalsky has 15 years of experience and has earned the prestigious honor of becoming a member of the American Urologic Association.

Another highly experienced urologist on our team is Dr. Christopher P. Hollowell who received the Center of Excellence Award for UroLift, an achievement that cemented his reputation for excellence. 

Dr. Laurel Sofer is also on our team. She handles a wide range of urological issues and is fully trained in the use of da Vinci robotic platforms including the Single Port system.

The people of Fort Lauderdale come to us for a reason, they know that we can be trusted. After serving people in the area for so long, they know our reputation. Trust isn’t something that comes easily. Trust has to be earned. 

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