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What To Know About iTind

With so many treatment options out there for an enlarged prostate, it can be difficult to sort them all out and choose the best one for yourself. iTind is a promising treatment for enlarged prostates that has been gaining traction and popularity of late. If you have been thinking about asking a urologist about iTind’s potential as a form of treatment, you’ll want to give this a read. Here’s everything that you should know about iTind and how effective it is as a treatment option.

What Happens When You Have an Enlarged Prostate?

Before diving into the details behind iTind, let’s take a look at what happens when you have an enlarged prostate. Having an enlarged prostate is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Why is it so dangerous to have an enlarged prostate? It’s dangerous because it can lead to more serious problems down the line. If an enlarged prostate is left unchecked, you run the risk of developing a urinary tract infection, bladder stones, acute urinary retention, and more. You may also start experiencing blood in your urine.

Symptoms of having an enlarged prostate include difficulty with urination and frequent trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Developing an enlarged prostate is one of the less flattering aspects of getting older. It’s just part of the process, however, it is something that usually requires treatment which brings us to our next discussion.

What Is iTind?

Now that you know more about the dangers of having an enlarged prostate, you’ll probably want to know more about treatment options. So what is iTind? It’s a form of treatment that has been shown to be effective in managing an enlarged prostate.

iTind stands for Temporarily Implanted Nitinol Device, and that’s essentially what it is. You should know that iTind as a form of treatment for an enlarged prostate is a minimally invasive procedure.

The entire process can take between 5-7 days, however, the results and the benefits are practically immediate.

How Does iTind Work?

If you’re wondering how iTind works, you will find that this treatment works quite logically in that it is designed to widen and essentially reshape the urethra in order to restore proper urinary flow. By encouraging the flow of uring by reshaping the urethra, you can effectively eliminate most of the symptoms of having an enlarged prostate.

Is It Safe?

One of the most common concerns that men have when talking to their doctor about iTind is safety. Many men that are given the option of treating their enlarged prostate with the iTind procedure are understandably concerned about how safe that procedure is.

When it comes to surgery, whether it’s minimally invasive or not, there are always risks to factor in. That said, a minimally invasive procedure like iTind is much safer and less risky than more invasive surgical options.

As far as surgeries go, iTind is about as safe as it gets. The average recovery time is nominal and the risks are few. Additionally, iTind is seen by many as a preferable choice to taking medication.

Certain medications designed to treat enlarged prostates cause extremely undesirable side effects. The side effects from the medications that are commonly used to treat enlarged prostates can be difficult to live with.

Between the comparatively larger risks associated with highly invasive surgeries and the nasty side effects of medication, iTind has proven to be quite popular indeed. If safety is a major concern for you, iTind might be the way to go.

How Effective Is It?

Safety aside, the efficacy of this treatment is another common concern among men facing a decision on how to treat their enlarged prostate. So is iTind actually effective? By all accounts, most would say yes, absolutely.

Not only has iTind been shown to be effective in terms of treating an enlarged prostate by reshaping it and widening the urethra, but it also doesn’t stop you from doing the things that you enjoy most in life. For example, iTind preserves sexual functionality. When you choose iTind as your treatment option, you won’t have to wear a catheter either. That’s another win!

No catheters and no problems, sexually or otherwise. The best part is, you’ll be virtually symptom-free. Once you have had the iTind procedure, you won’t feel, notice, or experience any of the most irritating symptoms of having an enlarged prostate any longer.

This means that you will finally be free to take back your life and get back to enjoying it. No more repetitive midnight trips to the bathroom, no more discomfort, all thanks to minimally invasive procedures like iTind.

How To Make It Happen

If at this point, you’re wondering how to go about seeking iTind as a treatment, you’ll need to talk to a qualified urologist. When it comes to qualified urologists, you can’t beat the team at Z Urology of South Florida.

Although the risks are low, you should still speak with a urologist to discuss iTind’s potential as a treatment option for your enlarged prostate. When you’re intending to undergo a surgical procedure like iTind, the key is to have the right urologist on board.

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