The problem of infertility occurs in about 15% of couples. In roughly a third of these couples, male infertility is usually the main issue. This occurs due to low sperm production and abnormal function or blockages of sperm. There are several medical and environmental factors that tend ... Read More


In most cases, prostate cancer symptoms are not apparent in the early stages. Symptoms of prostate cancer may be different for each person, and any one of these symptoms may be caused by other conditions. As a result, routine screenings are recommended in the form of digital rectal exams and prostate-specific androgen (PSA) tests.... Read More


A newly released Harvard study found that former NFL players who have experienced head injuries (concussions) may be more likely to also experience low testosterone and erectile dysfunction (ED). The study, published in the JAMA Neurology was based on a survey of more than 3,400 NFL ... Read More


Join us as Michael Zahalsky, MD, urologist and medical director of Urological Oncology, discusses prostate cancer and the modern technology that doctors are able to use to detect and treat the cancer. --Appointment Required--


DR. MICHAEL ZAHALSKY TO PRESENT RESULTS OF GROUNDBREAKING RESEARCH ON THE USE OF STEM CELLS TO TREAT ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Coral Springs, FL - May 5, 2014 -- Dr. Michael Zahalsky, a prominent South Florida Urologist, has been chosen to give a podium presentation at the upcoming 2014 Annual Meeting ... Read More