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PRO-NOX In Office Nitrous Oxide

Many of our patients at Z Urology will need procedures or minor surgeries done to diagnose or treat their urological problems. These can often be performed in our state of the art medical office with topical numbing medications. Others may need to be performed in a surgery center or an operating room at the hospital under general anesthesia. At Z Urology we are now proud to provide the PRO-NOX nitrous oxide delivery system for patients undergoing urological procedures in our office that may need or desire additional relaxation.  For patients who are hesitant about having an in-office procedure due to anxiety or personal pain tolerance levels, PRO-NOX may be a viable solution.

How PRO-NOX works:

The PRO-NOX system creates a mixture of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen in a simple device that you the patient can control using a single use hand-held breathing tube. One of the best parts about the PRO-NOX system is that it is self-administered by the patient. This allows each patient to choose the amount of gas he or she is receiving based on individual needs. Patients are generally aware of the procedure being done and can talk and interact with medical staff during the procedure, but are not generally bothered by it. After using the PRO-NOX system the gas begins to take effect within seconds and when done wears off within minutes. Since there are not any lingering effects it is generally safe even for patients to drive home after the sedation. PRO-NOX is now the safest nitrous oxide system medically available.

Benefits of PRO-NOX:

  • Safe and effective – has been used for decades
  • Rapid onset of action – within seconds
  • Generally no driver needed – wears off rapidly
  • Not addictive – not a narcotic or benzodiazepine
  • Helps reduce pain – used by in labor and delivery
  • Helps reduce procedure related anxiety

How much does PRO-NOX Cost?

The PRO-NOX system uses a disposable single use tubing for each patient so it is inexpensive. It also uses oxygen and nitrous oxide and an in-expensive pneumatically controlled delivery system to treat the patient. So even though office sedation is typically not paid for by insurance or Medicare. For patients who choose to have the additional relaxation provided by PRO-NOX, we are able to provide this service for a minimal cost. If you need to have repeated procedures and would like to re-use your PRO-NOX during the subsequent sedation, cost for the next sedation treatment can be reduced. To learn more about the PRO-NOX System, call the experts at Z Urology today at (954) 714-8200.