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uroliftWhat is BPH?

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH, is a condition in which the prostate enlarges as men get older. Over 70% of men in their 60s have BPH symptoms so it is very common1. While BPH is a benign condition and unrelated to prostate cancer, it can greatly affect a man’s quality of life.

The prostate is a male reproductive gland, about the size of a walnut, that produces fluid for semen. The prostate surrounds the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body. As the prostate enlarges, it presses on and blocks the urethra, causing bothersome urinary symptoms such as:

  • Frequent need to urinate both day and night
  • A weak or slow urinary stream
  • A sense that you cannot completely empty your bladder
  • Difficulty or delay in starting urination
  • Urgent feeling of needing to urinate
  • A urinary stream that stops and starts

When to See a Urologist 

You may want to seek BPH treatment if you experience BPH symptoms such as an urgent need to urinate, difficulty starting your urine stream, need to push or strain when urinating, dribbling, the sensation that the bladder is not empty after urinating, weak urine flow, increased frequency of urination, frequent nighttime urination, burning or pain during urination. There are serval websites that can help you determine if it’s time to see a doctor by taking an online quiz. Taking a quiz can also help explain your symptoms to your doctor if you are expericing anxiety. 

If you suffer from the above symptoms, you are not alone. BPH is one of the leading reasons for men to visit a urologist*.

What is the UroLift® System?

The UroLift® System is a new, minimally invasive approach to treating BPH for patients looking for an alternative to drug therapy or more invasive surgery. The UroLift System is a straightforward procedure that utilizes tiny implants to lift and hold the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way so it no longer blocks the urethra. There is no cutting, heating, or removal of prostate tissue.

Clinical data has proven that the UroLift System treatment is safe and effective and can improve BPH symptoms 3 to 4 times greater than with medication. Results have shown durability to two years with no impact on sexual function. 

The UroLift® From Start to Finish 

  1. Identifying you have BPH. An enlarged prostate can narrow or even block the urethra, causing bothersome urinary symptoms.
  2. The UroLift Delivery Device is placed through the obstructed urethra to access the enlarged prostate.
  3. Small UroLift Implants are permanently placed to lift and hold the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way and increase the opening of the urethra.
  4. The UroLift System treatment provides fast and reliable symptom relief by opening the obstructed urethra. 


The goal is to relieve you of bothersome urinary symptoms so you can get back to your life and resume daily activities. The most common adverse events reported include hematuria, dysuria, micturition urgency, pelvic pain, and urge incontinence. 

After the treatment, patients typically go home the same day without a catheter. There is minimal downtime post-treatment and many patients experience symptom relief in as early as 2 weeks. Patients may experience some urinary discomfort during the recovery period. The most common side effects are mild to moderate and include pain or burning with urination, blood in the urine, pelvic pain, urgent need to urinate, and/or the inability to control the urge. Most symptoms resolved within two to four weeks after the procedure.

Does the Treatment Impact my Sexual Function?

Clinical studies have shown the UroLift® System treatment does not cause new, sustained instances of erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction. The same cannot always be said of other BPH therapies such as TURP, laser, and even medication.

Will You Need the Procedure Again?

The Implants are intended to be permanent. The implant is made up of standard surgical implantable materials: a nitinol capsular tab, a stainless steel urethral tab, and polyethylene suture that holds the two tabs together. Your doctor can remove the urethral implant if needed. The suture can be cut and the urethral endpiece can be retrieved with a standard grasper. The capsular tab will remain in place inside the body.

Don’t Delay, Call Z Urology Today!

The UroLift procedure offered at Z Urology of South Florida represents a significant advancement in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This innovative and minimally invasive technique provides patients a safe and effective alternative to traditional surgical options.
Throughout this journey, we have explored the key benefits of UroLift. Firstly, its precision and accuracy allow for targeted relief of urinary symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate without damaging surrounding tissues. This means reduced risk of complications, shorter recovery times, and improved patient outcomes.

Secondly, the UroLift procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, avoiding the need for a hospital stay. Patients can return home the same day and resume their normal activities sooner. This convenience and minimal disruption to daily life make UroLift an attractive choice for those seeking rapid relief from BPH symptoms.

The clinical success rates of UroLift have been impressive, with numerous studies demonstrating significant improvement in urinary flow, reduction in symptoms, and enhanced quality of life. Patients experience relief from bothersome urinary symptoms, such as frequent urination, weak stream, and urgency, improving overall well-being and enhanced confidence. Z Urology of South Florida’s expertise and commitment to patient care make them an ideal provider for the UroLift procedure. With a team of highly skilled urologists, state-of-the-art facilities, and a patient-centered approach, they ensure that each individual receives personalized and comprehensive care throughout their UroLift journey.

The UroLift procedure at Z Urology of South Florida offers patients a breakthrough treatment option for BPH, addressing the symptoms and impact of an enlarged prostate with precision, efficiency, and minimal invasiveness. Through this innovative approach, patients can regain control over their urinary health and enjoy an improved quality of life. With Z Urology’s dedication to exceptional care, patients can trust in their expertise and experience a smoother path to wellness.

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Don’t let urinary discomfort hold you back any longer! Take charge of your urological health and reclaim your freedom with Z Urology of South Florida. Our team of dedicated urologists, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a patient-centered approach, is here to provide you with the highest quality care and personalized treatment options. Whether you’re struggling with an enlarged prostate, urinary incontinence, or any other urological issue, we have the expertise to guide you towards a life of comfort and confidence. Don’t settle for living with the burden of urinary symptoms when relief is just a phone call away. Contact Z Urology today and embark on a journey towards optimal urological health, because you deserve to live your life to the fullest.


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