Men’s and Women’s Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Sexual health is meshed into many factors of our lives. It is a key factor in maintaining a healthy emotional, mental and physical well-being. Being able to enjoy and embrace our sexual life throughout our lives is one of the most underrated forms of mental health. In order to maintain a positive approach to sexual health, we must remain positive a respectful towards our partners and sexual relationship. It is vital to for all person’s sexual rights and health to be maintained and protected at all times.

Men’s Sexual Health

A man’s sexual health consists of his ability to maintain a healthy relationship with his body and partners. These relationships correlate with physical, mental and emotional health. For a strong sexual health, you’re going to want to maintain a strong libido (sexual desire) and the ability to maintain an erection. A loss of libido and the inability to maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction) can negatively affect the health of a man in many ways. Not only is this a big sexual health problem, but this will end up affecting the psychological health, emotional health and ability to maintain healthy relationships involving emotions and sex. These problems are not rare and many men have issues with their sexual health. Talk to Urologist if you have any questions about Men’s Sexual Health.

Women’s Sexual Health

Just as it is a vital part of a man’s life, a woman’s sexual health is integral to maintaining a healthful lifestyle. Sexual desire is normal for all human beings and it is important to not only embrace it, but talk to your partner about it. Allowing yourself to be open with your sexual health allows for a positive emotional, psychological and physical well-being. Emotional and sexual desire play large parts in a woman’s sexual health. Stress, illness, aging and social commitments may influence your libido. If you have any questions about Women’s Sexual Health, contact your health care provider.

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