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With so much controversy over abortions in the continuous debate on birth control, men have found a solution. Men across the nation are stepping up and taking the pressure off of the women in their lives. Here’s how they’re doing it and why you should consider stepping up with them. 

Men Are Bypassing the Birth Control Debate by Getting  Vasectomies as an Act of Love

Women have always been under a lot of pressure when it comes to birth control, especially in today’s political environment. For years, men have expected women to either take a birth control pill or get an abortion whenever birth control methods fail. This mindset has led to a serious imbalance. 

Most birth control pills give women undesirable side effects that can affect their quality of life. Do men have to take a birth control pill every day and suffer the side effects? No, they don’t. A vasectomy, however, is a more eloquent solution, one that countless men across the country are embracing. Getting a vasectomy solved the birth control problem. More importantly, it’s a birth control solution that doesn’t come with any adverse side effects.  

Of course, getting a vasectomy is something to be considered very carefully. It’s also a great way to take responsibility for birth control into your own hands. Getting a vasectomy takes the pressures of birth control off of your partner which is one of the reasons why more men are getting vasectomies today.  

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