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How Your Diet Affects Urological Health

How Your Diet Affects Urological Health

When it comes to urology, most people don’t realize just how much of an impact their diet has. As it turns out, the things that you eat and consume can affect your urological health. If you have been experiencing recent urological issues, those issues could be a result of your current dietary habits. Here’s what you should know about how your diet affects urological health. 

Food That Affects Urological Health

Foods like pasta, meat, and even cereal are all rich in uric acid which means you can develop kidney stones when eating these foods in excess. Even plums and prunes, which are often praised for their gastroenterological benefits have plenty of uric acid. 

Your diet can also affect your sperm count as well. For example, a typical Western diet of red meat, pizza, and processed grains can lead to a significantly lower sperm count when compared to healthier diets.

The best diet for a healthy sperm count is one that consists of light meats like fish and chicken while incorporating plenty of fruit and vegetables. Skinless chicken and certain fruits like cranberries, grapes, and pineapples are all excellent foods that preserve and promote urological health.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all fruits are good for your urological health. Surprisingly, bananas and oranges aren’t good for you from a urological perspective because the acid can aggravate certain urological conditions like urinary tract infections.    

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Now that you know more about how your diet can affect your urological health, you might want to consult with a urologist on what kind of changes you should be making to your diet. 

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