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Vasectomy Reversals Just as Successful in Men Over 50

Vasectomy Reversals Just as Successful in Men Over 50

Z Urology is proud to announce that findings in a new study have shown that vasectomy reversal is as viable in men over 50 as in those who are younger.

About 20% of American men who have had a vasectomy want to father children in the future. And about 6% will seek a vasectomy reversal, previous research shows.

However, it’s been unclear how a man’s age may affect his chance for a successful reversal.

Well to find out, researchers analyzed the outcomes of vasectomy reversal in about 3,000 men older than 50 (average age: 54) and 350 younger men (average age: 39). All of the procedures were performed by one surgeon.

After a vasectomy reversal, the partners of 33.4% of the younger men and 26.1% of the older men got pregnant.


What Did the Study Find

The study found that the chances of pregnancy were better when the woman was under 35 and/or the man had had his vasectomy fewer than 10 years before.

“When we did a statistical analysis and examined all these other factors involved, the data showed that age had no bearing on success,” said study lead investigator Dr. Mary Samplaski, a specialist who treats male infertility at Keck Medicine of the University of Southern California.

Researchers have noted that one reason older men were statistically less successful than younger men in getting their partners pregnant was that older men tended to have older partners.

The results are exciting for men looking to start families later in life who have had a vasectomy. The research is especially timely because anecdotally, fertility doctors are seeing an increase in the number of men interested in vasectomy reversals as couples focus on family planning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Couples wanting to get pregnant after a vasectomy procedure have two main choices: vasectomy reversal and sperm extraction with in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, IVF has risks, such as psychological distress and multiple births, and typically costs more than a reversal, making reversal a better choice for many couples.

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