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Things to Know About Urosepsis

Things to Know About Urosepsis

One of the most important urological conditions to know about is urosepsis. It’s important to learn about urosepsis because it can be a potentially life-threatening condition. Here’s everything you need to know about serious conditions like urosepsis!

What Is Urosepsis and Are the Symptoms?

Essentially, urosepsis is a form of sepsis. More specifically, it is a dangerous bacterial infection present in the bloodstream. Once the infection is in the bloodstream, it becomes very serious.

Symptoms include cloudy urine, burning or itching during urination or the constant sensation of having a full bladder. You may also feel pressure on your abdomen. Another potential symptom of urosepsis is pain during intercourse. Sexual intercourse should not be painful, and if it is, you need to see a urologist.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should get in touch with a urologist right away. The longer you delay making an appointment, the more dangerous the situation becomes.

It’s Life-Threatening

Urosepsis is a dangerous condition that requires immediate hospitalization. While early symptoms may be as mild as chills and a fever, if left untreated, urosepsis can cause your organs to fail which makes it potentially fatal.

How to Prevent Urosepsis?

The best way to prevent urosepsis is to get UTIs, or, urinary tract infections treated as soon as possible. A UTI can cause urosepsis as the bacterial infection from your urinary tract or prostate eventually travels into the bloodstream.

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If you have a UTI, you need to call and make an appointment with the team at Z Urology. By getting your UTI treated right away, you can successfully avoid the risk of contracting urosepsis. Remember, preventative care can save your life!

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