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What to Know About Nephrectomies

What to Know About Nephrectomies

While the word nephrectomy might sound scary, it’s actually considered to have relatively few risks as far as surgeries go. In most cases, it would be far riskier not to have a nephrectomy. Here’s what you need to know about nephrectomies and how to prepare.  

What Is a Nephrectomy?

A nephrectomy is a surgical procedure in which the kidney is removed. The surgery can be invasive or minimally invasive depending on your circumstances. There are also partial nephrectomies, procedures in which a portion of the kidney is removed instead of the entire organ. 

When you need a diseased portion of your kidney removed, you may have the procedure performed laparoscopically which would be less invasive. Nephrectomies are typically performed in an effort to eradicate kidney cancer, remove tumorous growths from a kidney, or treat kidney disease. 

How to Prepare for a Nephrectomy?

Preparing for a nephrectomy is a straightforward process. Ideally, you should have another adult to accompany you. You’ll need to fast for a number of hours before your procedure. Once you’re ready, general anesthesia will be administered before the procedure begins. 

You may be required to undergo certain tests prior to your surgery depending on the reason for your nephrectomy and medical history. Most commonly, you’ll need a blood test, urine test, and X-rays. You may require a CT scan or an MRI scan of your kidneys as well. After surgery, you will most likely have to stay in a hospital for a period of several days.  

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