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With so many urological conditions out there, urologists can treat a vast variety of different maladies. You should know that not every urological situation requires an in-person appointment. Indeed, in many cases, you can get all of the information you need to proceed by attending an appointment with your urologist virtually over the internet. Here’s what you should know about urology and telemedicine.    

The Advantages of Telemedicine

Telemedicine has plenty of advantages especially when it comes to urology. For example, if you’re experiencing a frequent need to urinate at night or have just started to suffer from erectile dysfunction, making a virtual appointment with a urologist is fast, convenient, and effective. 

You’ll be able to get enough information across for your urologist to make a decision and either schedule a diagnostic test or recommend a particular treatment. 

When to Make a Virtual Appointment with a Urologist?

It’s best to make a virtual appointment with your urologists when you either have a quick question, something relatively routine to discuss or when you’re sick. When you’re suffering from a urological issue while sick with something like COVID-19, or the flu, you can still get the urological advice you need by making a virtual appointment. 

That’s the beauty of telemedicine, your doctors can be there for you when you need them even when you can’t make it to the facility yourself. 

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Start enjoying the many conveniences of telemedicine today by making a virtual appointment with one of our world-class urologists. Dr. Zahalsky, Dr. Tyler, Dr. Varghese, and Dr. Hollowell are accepting virtual appointments, go ahead and make one for yourself! 

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