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Telemedicine  Urologist Available Now – Z Urology

Telemedicine Urologist Available Now – Z Urology

Z Urology is proud to offer telemedicine urology for anyone needing to see a urologist during the Coronavirus pandemic.

At Z Urology our telemedicine portal is state of the art and very easy for patients to use. Here is some simple step by step instructions that you can use to see one of our doctors online today via our telemedicine portal.

          1. First, log on to your computer or smartphone.

          2. Second, go to our website’s homepage

          3. Third, click on the telemedicine tab on the top menu bar of the homepage.

         4. Fourth, pick the doctor you would like to see today,

         5. Fifth, press the button below that doctor’s picture in order to enter the doctor’s waiting room.

         6. Sixth, patiently wait for the doctor to see you.

If you need further and more detailed instructions on how to use our Z Urology telemedicine portal. Then please click here.


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If you have any more questions about our practice or our telemedicine portal then please contact our office by phone at (954) 714-8200 or email us at